Melbourne's Tall Ship

The Alexander Stewart ship has now relocated and operating in the Whitsundays in Queensland and has kindly asked Enterprize ship to look after enquiries for the Alexander Stewart  sailing adventures in Melbourne.

Enterprize ship is the only square rigged passenger carrying ship to be built in Victoria in over 140 years and the only traditionally rigged ship in the Southern hemisphere still using the traditional materials of hemp rigging, flax sails, Stockholm tar like the ships of the 1830’s. Launched in 1997, Enterprize is a reproduction of the original ship of that name that brought the first five crew and nine settlers who were to start the settlement that was to become Melbourne.

We would be delighted to look after your enquires and these will be directed to our website where you will be able to see our sailing program. We will be conducting similar sails to the Alexander Stewart as well as our regular program from Williamstown and other locations.

We look forward to looking after your sailing experience and look forward to welcoming you aboard Melbourne’s tall ship Enterprize for your sailing adventure.